Monday, July 18, 2011

Nostalgia is a fun word

Holy crap it's the middle of July. That means August comes next, and you know what that means... Time for me to get myself together in a real life way, not this sublet-living, internship-wielding, retail-job-working life. Time for some real stuff.

My internship at Bang ends in the middle of August! Crazy. That does not mean in any way that I am done there though, this is only the beginning of my life with Bang. My plan is to continue through the levels of improv classes and hopefully graduate from the program in a year or so. Also, it looks like I am going to have a little production assistant job working with Ezra, doing basically a lot of the same things I am doing now, plus some. I'm all about that. Also, my sketch class has its' show on August 7th & 14th! So come if you're here! I'm in quite a few and the show is super hilarioso.

Alert to the Universe: I'm on the job hunt. I'm looking for a job in some creative department at Disney, though my preferred niche would be in children's programming, specifically preschool. Of course, my foot is just itching to get itself in the Disney door, so anything creative would be welcomed with a big smile and an overly enthusiastic hug. I've got a couple people that I have talked with for advice and now I just need to get things rolling. Wish me luck! (And let me know if you have any tips!) That goes for you too, Universe.

Yup, things are coming together alright. I am moving into my new apartment this weekend! I am flying to Tucson Thursday morning, loading up a Uhaul, and driving back to Studio City on Friday afternoon. What up. It's going to be a long, hot, sweaty move, but boy am I excited to have all my stuff back! And Becca and I can't wait to finally make the apartment ours. Take a look at our very empty living room!

How cute is she, right? We're planning on having a Superbowl Housewarming party where you have to bring a usable/edible plant as a present. (No, it has nothing to do with the Superbowl or plants, but I love making hors d'oeuvres and we want a little baby garden). Becca is a chef and I am looking forward to cooking/baking together. Here are some pics of foods she's made... mmm...

Homemade bread? Ahyes please!

Blueberry tart? Are you kidding me?

Becca, Jonas and I went yardsaling (which was less nautical than it sounds) on Saturday in Burbank. We got a huge mirror for the living room for $20, a little Pottery Barn-esque mirror/key holder for $5, and a couple records for a buck each. Becca has this sweet record player so we're trying to build up our library. Look what I found:

Carole King's Tapestry album, my mom's first record growing up. She rarely knows the words to any song (besides Black Eyed Peas' Pump It), but when you put on Carole King, she knows them all. It's a beautiful thing. (Sigh), nostalgia.

We had some great shows at Bang this week, my particular favorite being the HARRY POTTER THROWDOWN Saturday night! Particularly because I got to perform!

This was my first ever show NOT performing with the Charles Darwin Experience. It was such a blast but I would be lying if I wasn't a tad nervous. We were broken into four separate groups-- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each group did a 15 minute set, broken up with little sketches featuring Harry Potter (Mitchell), Hermione, Draco, and Voldemort (Kurt). I was in Slytherin with Bennett, Becca, Kurt, and Hope (my new favorite Bang friend). And guess what? We won! A pretty successful first Bang show, I must say.

Speaking of Harry Potter. Let's have a moment of silence.

That movie. I was supposed to go see it with my friends... then one by one they decided not to go which left me alone with my ticket. It was probably a good thing that I was all by myself. I was a mess. The title flew across the screen, the theme music started playing, and from that point on my eyes were wet (more so than usual). It was very hard to watch, but really a beautiful movie. Like most people my age Harry Potter has been a huge part of growing up. It's sad to see everything go. For anyone who would like to see it again, I will gladly be your date. (I'll get the popcorn).

I also got a chance to see Horrible Bosses with Nikolai and Rachel this week! I loved it! It took a little bit of willing suspension of disbelief, but really funny. Oh look, it's my yoga buddy! Also, I'm in love with Jason Sudeikis.

Recent celebrity sightings:

Casey Wilson from SNL and Happy Endings on ABC. Walking around in the Grove in West Hollywood.

Hank Azaria from everything funny (personal favorite: Mystery Men), walking around outside of Bang.

Julie Bowen from Modern Family and Horrible Bosses, in my yoga class! Skinny Minnie but also very sweet.

Angela Kinsey from The Office walked by Studio Yogurt while Becca and I were enjoying some froyo!

There was another blonde girl that I know I know but I have no idea what her name is. And I can't remember what she has been in. But I saw her when I was in the movie theatre and she was eating popcorn. Though it was probably her only meal of the day.

Also, an honorary celebrity sighting: Josh Radnor from my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother.

Get this: he was in the theatre when we were seeing Horrible Bosses, and RACHEL DIDN'T TELL ME UNTIL WE GOT TO THE PARKING LOT. I mean, you all know I would have done absolutely nothing because I am a stonecold ice queen when it comes to celebrity things, but still. Just knowing I could have seen the back of his head makes me nauseous. Don't worry, Rachel felt bad. Silly Rachel. One day I will no longer be impressed with these sightings but until then, here they are. Bear with me.

Okay. I think that's all I have to say. I'm currently eating leftover sticky toffee pudding Becca brought from work. It's blowing my mind. I need to memorize my lines for sketch class tonight! That's what I shall do!

Hope everyone has a delightful rest of their Monday. Don't forget, in french "mon" means "my" so technically today is your day, yes? Kisses.

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