Friday, May 6, 2011


I saw someone use this format on their tumblr post and I thought it was such a great way to get thoughts rolling.

EATING: Well, I am drinking some coffee from Harry & David. Vanilla Creme Brulee! I had a worm in one of my apples the other day, so I called them and they sent me coffee. Good trade, me thinks.

READING: Reading Something Borrowed. Trying to get it done before my movie date with Alison, my mom, and Connie. I am in love with it. I seriously can't wait to be head over heels gooey in love.

OBSESSING: Sex & the City. A never ending love affair. I am digging the syndicated version on E! Super edited, but still utterly delightful.

LISTENING: Adele pandora. Though it's playing Regina Spektor right now.

WEARING: black yoga pants, my mom's old t-shirt with a mai tai on the front of it, my hair piled on my head with a clip, and my glasses. My eye is bothering me. Waiting for it to calm the heck down.

TODAY: Got up at 6 and went to the gym. The spinning machines have awesome videos on them, I am super impressed. Then I went to Michael's to get some crafty things to make a Mother's Day present. Watched some SATC, cleaned the house, now preparing to go and see Thor with my mum. Super hungry, going to eat a pear. I am very successfully avoiding my paper. Nice work. Might as well procrastinate, as it is my second to last paper... and it's not due till Monday. I mean, it's only ten pages long, how hard could it be?

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