Friday, March 22, 2013


It's Friday already? Perfect. I sure do love when weeks fly by!

It has been wonderful writing again this week. As I promised in my Wednesday post, I have some plans/ambitions to share. First, some plans for this blog:

 Peas & Queues

1) Write Monday through Friday.

2) More concise posts. I mean, yesterday's post alone was over 1400 words and 27 photos. That's ridiculous. (If you read through all of my posts... I want to marry you). In general I would like to make my content more streamlined. Sometimes I'll write more, sometimes I'll share a review of something I like, interesting article, or silly story about some embarrassing thing I just did. You know, the usual-- just a bit more digestible, enjoyable, refreshing.

3) Expect a new look. New design, new set up, new "About Me". I'm looking to create a stronger presence on my blog and something that looks edited and pulled together. I am taking Belinda out to dinner next week to discuss plans. Yes, not only is she one of my best friends but she is also a website guru-- lucky me! A fancier blog also means that I need to teach myself photoshop, HTML, and other various technological acronym-things that come in handy when blogging so I can update things myself.

4) All posts come out at 3pm. That's the plan. It's a completely arbitrary time I've chosen-- but I like it. Noon is too soon. 5pm is too late and stresses me out. 3pm, Monday through Friday. Be there.

Moving on.

Jenny Ambitions

1) I'm signing up for an improv class at UCB. And then a sketch class. It's happening. I went to see one of their shows this past week with Kathleen and I just have to get myself back in the game. I'm keeping an eye on the class list and waiting for the section I want to open up with a teacher Colton recommended. I'm so antsy. I need to play again.

2) On that note, I'm going to do some standup. Yes. I'm looking into finding a little place that's safe and cozy for the time being. In the mean time I'm polishing off some thoughts about working on a dairy farm and why dog owners look like their dogs... and then I'm off.

3) I'm considering relocating to somewhere else in California-- in a year from now. I'm about 70/30 about it. Two nights ago, sitting in UCB, wanting to jump on the stage so terribly-- I never wanted to leave Los Angeles. But then there I was last night, sitting in traffic for over an hour and a half to go fifteen miles in a manual car-- and all I wanted to do was run far away to San Francisco and ride a cable car into the sunset fog. A year is a long time. We'll see how things play out.

4) Learn things. Think about Grad school. I have no idea what I want to study yet-- which, from what I understand, is a very important part of going back to school. Therefore my plan for these next several months is to figure that out through some classes. Colton (obviously I've been talking with him today) told me about a website called Coursera-- where you can sign up for various online courses from serious universities. I am currently signed up for Introduction to Psychology and the Fundamentals of Programming at the University of Toronto and Writing II: Rhetorical Composing at Ohio State University. Hopefully this can put me on the right track before I think about taking on a monster loan.


So that's where I am right now. Thoughts? Yes? We'll see how it goes. Look at me-- embracing Spring and all. I've got my juju back.

Also good news! If you have ever tried to comment on my blog and failed... it was because it was apparently blocked. Sheesh. Good thing I'm working on things around here. Comment, or something!

And look... staying true to my P&Q plans... It's 3pm. It's concise and relatively digestible. Good start.

P.S. Here are headshots/nice pictures of my face, as promised!
**I'm available for birthday parties, awkward social situations, and any part that calls for a so-called "All American girl-next-door".
***These were taken by the fabulous Sabrina Hill Weisz of Sabrina Photography. I am so pleased with how they turned out, especially because I was incredibly nervous and stressed out about it. I can't recommend her enough!!

Happy weekend, everybody!



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