Wednesday, March 27, 2013

monster moon

Happy Wednesday!

The sun miraculously pushed itself through the gloomy LA afternoon and I'm endlessly glad. I needed a pick-me-up. Today is such a Wednesday, amiright? I feel like I've been sitting at my desk for days and days. 

I just made the questionable decision of checking my horoscope. Of course it was vaguely ominous. I did love how the astrologer tried to comfort me by basically saying "Well yeah, it really sucks for you but it still kinda sucks for everyone right now, that darned full moon". She's calling it a "Monster Moon" and even encouraged me to catch the trend on twitter... #MonsterMoon. Stop it, Susan. 

If you want to check out your March horoscope you can do so here: AstrologyZone. Don't expect fancy graphics and such... Also, I just found this interview between Susan Miller and about Monster Moons. Feel free to stop reading after that. Susan makes things weird, as usual. 

Ashley finally gets home today from her long weekend away! Ashley's birthday was on Monday so she went home to visit with family and friends. Frasier and I have been going crazy without her and her little kitty Sophie. I jump at every sound at night and have no one to get frozen yogurt with at 10pm. That and Frasier has been playing a little too rough with me in his little sister's absence. (Or maybe it's just that #MonsterMoon #stopitsusan). I did get a chance to make Ashley a special Blondie/Cookie Cake for her birthday! Ta-da!

Belinda and I finally made it out to dinner last night, too.

We chatted, we laughed, we were glad Rodolfo wasn't there. The usual.

Here are some of my favorite Belinda-isms from the evening. The important thing is to read it in a hyper-intelligent, no blinking, soft but curt tone with a very light whispery voice.

You want to do stand-up? On a stage? Like live? Well. I admire you. I wouldn't even be able to stand up-right onstage. 
Hold on let me take a picture of our food. Do you want to be in it? Never mind. (I start telling a story). Hold on, let me instagram this. (Huge sigh). Honestly sometimes picking out a filter is the hardest part of my day.
I mean, he looks good on paper. Really good on paper. But that's not what you want. He's a... he's a fancy blanket. Fancy blankets look nice but what you really want is that old warm fuzzy blanket. Let's be real. 

Words of wisdom, as always. Belinda was also the one who told me about the #MonsterMoon. She would.

But hey, now we're in good company--- now we all know that things are going to suck for us. (Sorry I put that evil on you, Ricky Bobby.) Eh, I've decided to let it roll off my back more or less. I'm forging ahead in a positive way. It is the spring of the juju after all.

And now, to invite friendly #MonsterMoon juju, play us out Van Morrison.



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