Sunday, January 22, 2012

a Sunday kind of love

The stakes are high, ya'll. Apparently my last post was comparatively bland, according to my sweet sister. She's right. It was. And I think I know why.

I remember a far away time when I was working at a debt consolidation company and everything was whack-a-doodle. The bizarre/lovely people I worked with and all of the crazy characters I helped out of debt kept me on my toes. And luckily they didn't have a link to my blog.

I recall a time when I had a fresh social life with new friends and constantly changing activities, all as a result of a schedule as wide-open as the smoggy LA skies. With not a lot of money in my pocket and plenty to half-heartedly complain about, life was exciting.

And somewhere, in a distant memory, I remember saying that this was supposed to be the time of my life to flounder, to struggle, to have nothing figured out.

Don't worry, I'm still floundering. Just in a more professional way.

I don't have much silly commentary overflow nowadays as I love my job and I'm too busy to be unhappy. My everyday has turned into a rather constant adventure with a comforting, exciting rhythm. But I do miss those days. There is something romantic and kitschy about not having it together. For one, it made me feel more comfortable writing about stories of me failing in humorous ways. I had oodles of material. I was a walking, talking, real-life Bridget Jones sans hunky British men fighting over me.

But really, I still don't have it together. My room is an utter disaster. I haven't been to yoga since December. I haven't seen my friends for longer than an hour or two for over a month and come the first week of February, I will be eagerly searching for a new, fantastic job.

Yes, I'm happily all over the place.

Thursday morning I rose and shone (...rose and shone? Does that work?...past tenses...) at the crack of dawn for the SAG Awards Actor Pouring. Every year media outlets, a handful of us from the PR department, and some awesome talent observe as the Actor Statues are made for the SAG Awards. It's an incredible process to watch and I was lucky enough to work the event.

Like any proud publicity assistant, I found myself on coffee and doughnut duty. I proclaimed that I would only be on said duty if I could get Krispy Kremes. After being approved I took my responsibility very seriously. I pre-ordered a huge coffee container from Starbucks and plenty of dozens of doughnuts for all of the VIPs who would be attending.

You might remember me mentioning in a previous post about my very dirty car, inside and out. Well, in true Jenny-fashion, that full-size old school television is still banging around in the back of my car. I have not checked to see if it has been damaged in my Mr-Toad's-wild-ride-reminiscent driving style. I wince every time I make a turn. I had to put the huge, forty-pound coffee container in the back of the Jimmy next to the godforsaken television. Then of course, after my short and bumpy drive, I opened the hatchback to reveal a lovely smattering of fresh joe all over the carpeted floor and television.

My car smells like Starbucks. Minus the toasty breakfast sandwiches and occasional conspicuous hobos.

I set up the doughnuts and coffee, helped distribute press releases, and the fun began. We were lucky enough to have some of the most amazing talent-- Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad and Creed Bratton from The Office. If you have never seen Creed in The Office, do yourself a favor and watch this. I've never watched Breaking Bad but I can honestly say that Betsy was one of the loveliest women I have had the pleasure to meet. The two of them were a HOOT. Hilarious.

It was such a whirlwind-- the cameras, the workers pouring molten bronze into the molds, the questions, the everything. It was incredible.

Here's a picture of Betsy and Creed trying to sneak out with their Actor friends...

Oh, and here's a picture of Betsy Tebowing.

I told you, they were a hoot.

This was also the day that I worked sixteen hours. A very happy, fulfilled sixteen hours-- but sixteen hours, nonetheless. Oouff. But really, what an amazing start to the day!

Besides the Statue Pouring we had an incredibly busy week--- meeting after meeting after meeting. I can't even imagine what next week will hold, as we're only seven days away from SAG Awards!

...And here comes the plug... as you knew it would...

What kind of publicity assistant would I be if I didn't plug the show?

There will be a webcast of the Red Carpet Pre-Show which is your chance to (yes, see your favorite actors but also...) see me! I'll be running around looking fabulous/bewildered with an iPad in my arms, snapping pictures and writing away on our social media sites. It is sure to be a very busy and entertaining red carpet so please don't miss it! You can stream the webcast on,, or on whatever sort of technological device you may have at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET.

Then the real show begins! Simulcast live on both TBS and TNT, the SAG Awards will begin at 5 pm PT. You can see who's nominated on our website. I'll be tweeting, facebooking, and blogging during the show so follow our social media sites for live-from-Jenny updates!

SAG Awards: 
...I fear that my life will become ever so dull when the Awards finish. Free time? Getting home at normal human hours? Exercise? I won't know what to do with myself. BOY does it sound good. I also literally can't wait for the Super Bowl. I've already been snack-rehearsing today. The football watching menu for this afternoon: pizza puffs, a sweet little apple tart, baked zucchini sticks, and my favorite family spinach dip recipe with sourdough bread. YUM. So... I have to fit in a dress this weekend? What? Take that.

And now an update on my running. I had a very solid twelve weeks before my half-marathon in April to train safely. With the show it looks like I won't be able to keep with it. Working so many hours a week has really inhibited my a) running time and b) energy. I'm sad. Looks like I'll just have to focus on a 10K in April instead. Half-marathon in October. Hmph.

Hey guys, thanks for reading along, even when my life doesn't allow me to share as much as I'd like. Turns out working for a major awards show in publicity where you're trained to monitor every word you say really starts to mess with your creativity/writing psyche. But HEY-- I'm a happy girl. I guess I'll just have to find enough everyday adventure to make up for my secret workday happenings. That or find a place to work with less astute web people.

Before I leave you, I wanted to share my favorite Etta James song-- A Sunday Kind of Love. The romantic in me (which is... most of me...) owes a lot of my daydreaming to Etta James. So--- thank you.

I listened to this song quite a bit this week after her passing and it rather struck a chord with me. First of all, the lyrics are very sweet. And secondly, it reminded me that at the end of any long week you still have Sunday.

...And as long as 'a Sunday kind of love' means pancakes, football, cuddling, and writing... I'm in. Mmm-mmm-MMM.

Yes, please.

Have a lovely week.


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