Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where are the children?

No October! No! Don't leave me...

ANNDDDD there it goes. Luckily Halloween is the last day of the month. It allows me to honor October appropriately by eating too many sweets, dressing up half-assedly in costumes, and listening to "Halloween Hootenanny" station on Pandora all in one day.

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. It turns out the frequency of my blog updates correlates directly with how stupid busy I am. And I have been stupid busy. I spent the last weekend in Tucson packing my dear mother up to move to LA!

It was a long, fun, tiring weekend. Alison picked me up from the airport bright and early Thursday morning! I was so excited to see her happy sun-shining face. We're two peas in a pod--- really. We cruised across town to my favorite Tucson breakfast place, Blue Willow, for eggs and stuff. I can't remember the last time I spent $6 on a completely delicious breakfast. (The Griddle is certainly not wallet friendly). Here's my sweet little Alison concocting her morning "coffee"...

Yes, that's four packs of sugar and three half & halfs. Gotta love her.

Afterwards I walked to campus to meet with my other best friend, Bryan. We shopped around the bookstore so I could get some more Arizona gear as I've been running low. Then we headed up to his fancy Executive Vice Presidential office located directly above the Student Union. He's a big deal. Don't worry, I took a million pictures being the proud, embarrassing person that I am.

I went home, packed and did more cleaning, then headed to the Holtzen's for a little going away homemade pizza party.


It was a blast. We watched some football, chatted, laughed, ate some pizza, you know--- the good stuff. It's moments like these that I realize just how much I love being American. Really.

Later that evening I headed to the Auld Dubliner to meet up with my crazy friends who are still at the university. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. It was the perfect mix of people. I can't remember laughing that hard in a long time. I have met so many fantastic people since I have moved to LA, but really, these people are like family. It all just comes so easy when I'm with them.

Luckily I am headed back to Tucson this weekend for HOMECOMING! Look at me, being all alumni-y. I'm so excited. And man, did I miss this campus.

Friday morning my mom and I headed to our elementary school. Both my sister and I went there and my mum has been working in speech therapy there for the last twenty-odd years. They threw a little going away party/treat day, complete with yummy goodies and an original song prepared by my favorite little Irish librarian, Pat. It was all very sweet and perhaps a little sad.

I spent the rest of the afternoon packing away, until Alison came to pick me up for the annual Tucson Fire Chili Cook-off!

Andy, Alison's husband and one of my dearest high school friends (I can't tell you how many times he jumped my car after I had left my lights on all day in the school parking lot...), is a firefighter and ran the chili booth all day. There's a competition for the best chili and the best design. His station made this crazy Tiki themed volcano and accessorized accordingly:

Alison and I got tons of free tickets to wander around and sample all the chili. Being the babies we are though, all of the chili was too spicy. And when I say all the chili I really mean the two that we tried and then threw away. I know, we're brats. Instead we used all of our tickets to buy a humongous bag of kettle corn. Who's surprised?

Saturday morning came and went so quickly. The movers came, loaded up the truck, we cleaned the place from top to bottom (because my mother and I have a disease called "we're-obsessed-with-cleaning") and we were on the road by noon. Then... ten hours later... we made it to Toluca Lake. My mom's place is very adorable and very close to me. Perfect. Because I don't have a television. Oh, and I like her a lot, too.

Everything's in there now and she's slowly unpacking things. We had some silly movers help on Sunday morning with all of the furniture and big boxes. They were both old Guatemalan men who were very sweet but not very tactful. At the end of the move, the one man turned to me and said, "Where are the children?" "Uhh... the children?" "Yes, the children. There are boxes with baby things." "Oh! No kids. My mom is just a hoarder." "No, where are your children?" "...I don't have any children, I'm twenty-two." (Man's jaw drops, he crosses himself) "Jesus Cristo! I thought you were thirty-five!"

"...what? You think I'm thirty-five??" "OHhhhh no no no no! Not thirty-five. I thought you were in your early thirties."


I honestly can't even think of anything witty to say. I just hope that means I am going to age well. I mean, I know that packing can tire a girl out, but thirty-five?? I must have been looking haggard. Not that thirty-five means haggard, but it does when you're actually only twenty-two years old.

I have a very busy week before I head home for homecoming. I'm working both SOS and LUSH back to back three days in a row. Today I have roadshow training all day for our new Christmas items at LUSH. Have I mentioned I love working there? I hope everyone's okay with getting LUSH goodies as presents. (How could you not?)

On Monday at SOS (my payday consolidation call center job) we had a potluck and costume contest. I made little slice and bake cat cookies because I didn't have time to make them from scratch. But really, who's complaining? Those things are delicious.

The costume contest was relatively amusing. Red Sox went as Steve Jobs, we had a scary masked Chargers fan, so-called "sexy" pirates, and our new guy, Max, wore a Mexican wrestler mask the ENTIRE day. Even when he was making sales calls. Monday was his first day. I was kind of hoping it wasn't a costume and that he would wear it everyday. Drat. Sarah of course won the costume contest with her homemade Black Swan costume, complete with a two-tiered tutu. Here she is sitting at her desk on her exercise ball:

I went as a lazy football fan... wearing a jersey and black under my eyes. I know... LAME. I wanted to be safe though, just in case no one decided to wear anything. Two men did end up talking to me in the elevator on separate occasions though. So apparently if you want men's attention, the key is to not dress as a slutty mouse but actually as a tired, half-assed football fan.

I had a lot of really great costume ideas this year that never came to fruition. You know when Halloween happens and you think, "Oh man, I have such a good idea for next year!"-- and then you forget completely? Well this year, I actually had a WORD DOCUMENT on my laptop called HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS. There were a good seven or eight to choose from. Rachel and I went to Goodwill a couple weeks ago to scope out some prospects. Then I realized...

When it comes to Halloween, I don't think like a girl. I think like an eight year old or like a hipster man.

My top ideas for this year?

Wayne from Wayne's World, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, Puss in Boots, and the Brawny paper towel man. I'm used to being bizarre things for Halloween. Last year I was a yellow submarine and the year before that I was Frida Kahlo. Check it out:

You know, just Frida and Peter Pan hanging out, no big.

... Obviously I don't pull off sexy very well. But you give me a mustache and an unflattering outfit and I am SET.

Of course, none of my great ideas actually happened. I was so busy all weekend that I never had time to put them together. I ended up getting out my dirndl from my trip to Bavaria and wearing that last night. Which, come to think of it, is the closest to "femininity" of any costume I've ever worn. It was weird. Jackie's birthday was yesterday so we all surprised her on Halloween night at her friend Rebecca's. I unfortunately couldn't go out with them because I had to be at SOS this morning at 7 am. Boo. Darn jobs.

And now for the exciting reveal... Frasier's Halloween costume!!

...Yup. He hates me. It was worth $8 on Amazon though. Talk about a priceless ten minute photo shoot. This picture appropriately captures his wrath (and the fact that he is quite the chubbers):

...He actually does like me. Some days. Sometimes.

In other news--- I've been keeping up with running. San Francisco half marathon here I come! And guess what? I have a running buddy, too! I received a message last weekend from my dear friend Colton about perhaps joining forces. Colton and I have known each other for a couple years now, as so-called comedy troupe rivals at the University of Arizona and also in most of the same Media Arts classes. He's the best. He may have got me through a couple ridiculous classes my senior year, where some people (who shall go unnamed) pushed us to the end of our tether, patience-wise. We kept each other sane by writing back and forth on our Arizona Daily Wildcat and sharing exasperated facial expressions.

Turns out we're pretty evenly matched when it comes to running, too. And when I say running I really mean jogging. He lives right down the road from me which is completely convenient. When he got home he mapped it out and apparently it was about three miles. Not too shabby for a first run. For now we are just running on Monday evenings after he gets done with work (he's working at Conan! What!) I was surprised to find that I enjoy having someone to run with. Usually I feel self-conscious or nervous that I am going to hold them up. You just have to have the right kind of buddy, I guess!

Hmmm. I am sad to see October go. Luckily for me, November is next. And then December. This is the time of the year that goes by too quickly. The weather is lovely, things seem just a bit more cheery, and delicious food abounds. I'm all about it. But on a more important note... I am headed back to San Francisco! I decided I needed one final hurrah before my big girl job starts at the end of the month, and what better place to do it than in the city by the bay? I'm so excited. And this time, I WILL see the Golden Gate Bridge! For better or worse!

Lots of love and kisses.

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