Monday, May 6, 2013

a recap-- and a major introduction!

I know!

I've been leaving you hanging for far too long. 

What's been going on in Jenny's life? Is she too busy or stressed out or too happy to write?! What's going on. What is her excuse?

I don't have one-- except for the fact that I have been absorbing every sunshine-y spring moment in the last couple of months. I have been traveling, workshopping, adventuring, multi-tasking, reading, planning, messing up, eating, not sleeping, and writing. 

Yes, writing. I re-discovered my love for writing for myself when I was on a little business trip to the Bay Area last month. I had many free hours to myself everyday to read, write, and think about my big 'purpose' in life. I reconnected with my own interpretation of the written word and fell in love all over again. The only problem is I didn't know why I was writing. And for who? My family? A small treasured group of friends I have collected over the years who are interested in what I'm doing?

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for me to share my recent thoughts and little adventures. I've been finding pleasure dwelling in the recesses of private life. After looking at every moment in my day as an opportunity to tell a story-- it has been a nice vacation for my brain!

About a month ago I had a pretty huge "Aha" moment-- or "Aha" day, if you will.

For the past two years I have been an avid reader of Jess Lively's blog and her website, With Intention. Jess lives in Chicago and specializes in streamlining people's lives, small businesses, and homes. Here are a few of my favorite articles here, here, and here. Everyday I check her website to get a little pep in my step and more focus in my day. 

Jess recently started traveling the country leading weekend workshops (only a handful of people each) to help people design their lives and small businesses with intention. As soon as I read about it I thought--- man, what an opportunity! I think everybody could use a little guidance and a boost up in the world. After looking at the price tag, I put the thought on the shelf for later down the road. That was until I saw her post regarding an upcoming workshop in San Francisco-- and a scholarship spot for one lucky person under 25. 

And that very lucky person was me! I sent in a little bio about myself and what I hoped to get out of the workshop--- and I was so shocked and honored when I was selected. This is why you should always try, folks-- you never know what will happen! 

I booked my flight within an hour of receiving the email. Twist my arm... I have to go back to San Francisco!

I went in expecting to map out some plans here and there, think about goals, etc. I didn't really know what to expect-- and frankly, I was so scared. I love listening to others and working through their problems, but have a difficult time expressing my own issues--- especially when it means facing the reality of what needs 'fixing'. Jess was fantastic and really dug deep into the ways we limit ourselves and how we can find the right fit for us in life-- careers, relationships, health and overall intentions-- and how to get there. 

The Life with Intention workshop group. Me (in stripes) with many brilliant new lady friends. (Jess is in the chambray on my left). 

Several things came out of my experience in the Life with Intention workshop. 

I came out with a more vibrant, confident, optimistic approach to what I'm doing in life-- and what I want to do. I have re-examined some of my priorities and started working on projects that I had been been too apprehensive to pursue. I'm in the process of exfoliating unnecessary habits and routines in my life and creating new opportunities. 

Which leads me to why I'm writing this, right now. Though most of my new intentions are relatively personal and self-contained-- I do have one that I am very excited to share. For the past two weeks I have been hard at work on a new website/blog with a very particular audience.

I would like to introduce you to Wise Sister

Oh! I hope you can feel me smiling. 

What is Wise Sister, you say? If I told you here it would spoil all of the fun. What better way than to let Wise Sister speak for itself

Take a peek around. Acquaint yourself. Pass it along to a young lady you know (oops... look at me spilling the beans...). 

If you're looking for my writing-- you'll find me there. I'll be popping my head into Peas & Queues from time to time, too, I promise.

Talk with you all soon. Thank you for your love and support and everything in between.




P.S. I cannot thank Jess enough for giving me the opportunity to meet and work with her. I encourage each of you to take some time to really take a look at what you're doing, what you want to do, and how to bridge the two. Jess is brilliantly gifted in the art of communication and focus and I cannot recommend her enough.

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