Friday, June 22, 2012

yummy samoan

...Quick blog post, anyone?

I love Fridays! I'm sitting at my desk, eating an apple, and enjoying a little bit of Corinne Bailey Rae as I work on some development boards for our production company. Well, that, and planning my attack for this weekend.

Watch out Dan & Frasier... because I am HGTV-ing the crap out of the apartment this weekend. Finally my various Pinterest board inspirations and IKEA trips will come to a beautiful fruition. I've got notes on legal pads, packages arriving, and DIY projects lined up for the next couple of days. We'll see how much I get done/how unmotivated I will feel when I realize I have twenty-three episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch on my DVR...

Pictures to come.

Don't be surprised if this is what my place looks like! (...actually, be very surprised.)

Speaking of television...

I bought my first TV. Because I am an adult. And that's what adults do. They own televisions.

I finally got rid of the 27-inch big box TV that was rolling around in the back of my car. After living it's television-life for EIGHT MONTHS in the back of my Jimmy-- it was kicked to the curb--- literally. After pulling out of my garage at work, I stopped by a random apartment that is often home to unwanted furniture (and was unfortunately surrounded by a group of jogging UCLA students taking a break), dropped the television on the grass, and sped off. It was awkward for everyone. I guess someone wanted it... because the next morning by 9:30 it was gone! 

My NEW TV was delivered this morning and I cannot be more excited to get home and see it in all its' 40-inch glory. Heaven.

I mean... what are credit cards for anyways?

(...there was nothing on my credit card at the time... that was just a flippant irresponsible-twenty-something-joke... calm down.)

I decided last week to finally start watching Game of Thrones! This is really quite an accomplishment, as I usually like to watch series years after they have been taken off the air (see: Gilmore Girls). So at work during my lunch breaks, I started watching Game of Thrones on a co-worker's HBO GO account. At first I had the same visceral feelings that others have when watching it... "Oh my gosh! The blood! The humanity! The never-ending scenes of boobs!" Two episodes in and I was getting kind of into it. But to be honest all I really care about is Peter Dinklage. That man is a hero. Oh and the big yummy Samoan. (**Not to be confused with a girl scout cookie)

Then I watched episodes 3 and 4. And I was lost. I hated it. "Who's that? Oh gosh, what are they doing? What's going on? That guy died? When!? Boobs!"

Wednesday night I went to dinner with my very best friendtor, Gretchen, and explained my embarrassed anguish for being the only known human that doesn't get Game of Thrones. She, being the superfan that she is, took pity on me. 

Gretchen: Well... now that you're not going to watch it... it's too bad-- because there's this tall bad-ass warrior woman named... 
Me: Wait. I know her. I saw her.
...And then we realized I had watched episodes 3 and 4 of SEASON TWO. 

Turns out I hadn't scrolled all the way through the episode selections. Silly girl.

Then I started acting like I had seen the last episode of Girls (which I apparently hadn't). I had read an article that Judd Apatow had tweeted and even recited the line to Gretchen, "My favorite was when Hannah yelled at Marnie, 'I have been thirteen pounds overweight my entire life and it has been really hard!' Haha! Wasn't that hilarious?" 

...Then Gretchen pointed out that that was actually in an argument with her boyfriend... and then mentioned the plot of the final episode... and we realized, yet again, I hadn't actually seen that episode, but rather inserted that line I read into an episode I had thought was the finale. 

I am such a square.

Gretchen: Jenny ...Do you know how to watch TV?

...apparently not. I don't deserve a nice TV. (Yes I do and I love it).

By the way, Girls is the most important show for women on TV right now. Thank the Spice Girl-gods that brought Lena Dunham to the world of television. After watching a fantasized view of women on Sex and the City for so many years... I am comforted with a somewhat realistic depiction of the unfortunate situations that upper-middle class women in their early twenties face. Genius. And very brave. (...And just as many boobs as Game of Thrones, I might add-- but the real-life kind.) But yes, I do love having a show to relate to. As Gretchen said, "Life sucks. Even when it doesn't suck that much."

Alright... off I go to conquer my commute.

Kisses, all!

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